A Glossary of the German Player Map

Listed here, you will find an alphabetical listing of the place-name entries on the German player map. Some of these you know from earlier sources (especially the map to accompany Ivid the Undying as published in Dragon 208), others we adapted from Adaptable and Meta-Regional adventures, and a few we have made up.

Remember that this is a player map, so some of the geographical features you may have heard about, but which our players haven't been to yet (like the City of Summer Stars) will not be found here!

Alfersfurt Elversford Ivid the Undying
Amhang Downslope AHL 3-01 Adri Fiend Follies
Aquädukt Aqueduct Ivid the Undying
Burg Dunkelwacht Darkwatch Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
Cordrend Cordrend The Marklands
Druidenborn Druid's Well First German LG Weekend
Erianhrel Erianhrel Ivid the Undying
Ettinshügel Ettins Mount Ivid the Undying
Feuersteinhügel Flinty Hills various sources
Flessern Flessern Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
Gelbtrist Yellowretch Ivid the Undying
Goldklamm Goldchasm Ivid the Undying
Harfe Harp River various sources
Herbergsbad Innspa various sources
Hinterhüglingen Yonderhilldon AHL 5-01 Dance of the Dead
Hügelstolz Hillspride nameless village found in ADP 1-07 An Afternon Outing
Innerwald Deep Forest Ivid the Undying
Jennden Jennden Ivid the Undying
Kaltforst Coldwood Ivid the Undying
Kantersfeld Edgefield various sources
Knurl Knurl various sources
Lynaria Lynaria Fourth German LG Weekend
Lyra Lyre River various sources
Nairond Nyrond various sources
Nannonshaven Nannonshaven Regional documentation
Ostmarkt Eastfair various sources
Ralsand Ralsand Ivid the Undying
Rotholz Redwood Regional documentation
Scharfenwall Sharpwall various sources
Sicherwald Havenwood AHL E-02 Sickness over Havenwood
Waldfurt Wood Ford Saga of Old City
Zweieichen Twin Oaks Fifth German LG Weekend

The scale (see bottom right) is in kilometres.

The German DM map adds the following features in addition to those mentioned above:

German Name English Equivalent Source
Bitterkeit Bitterness Ivid the Undying
Hügelgrab Cairn AHL 5-03 The Cairn
Lichtung/Lager Clearing/camp Fourth German LG Weekend
Olafsdottirs Turm Olafsdottir's Tower Regional documentation
Stadt der Sommersterne City of Summer Stars Ivid the Undying

The two rings of structures in and around the borders of the Adri Forest are the inner and outer rings of Dragon Temples, respectively.

Again, the scale (see bottom right) is in kilometres.

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