The Principality of Innspa and the Adri Marchland

A Short English Primer

The following pages give a brief description of the area covered by the German/Austrian section of Living Greyhawk. You will find entries on the region and its history, as well as a glossary of terms used in the German map of our region.

Currently, we have in store:

If you want to contact us so long after the fact: Rainer, in real life Dr. Rainer Nagel, was Point of Contact and your best bet if you didn't know where else to go. He also dealt with adventure proposals. Sandy (Alexandra Velten) was responsible for the City of Innspa and also acted as webmistress of this website. Frank Roters, finally, was responsible for public relations and conventions.

Was ist mit der deutschen Seite passiert???

A map of our region