A Basic Timeline

Eons ago, a famous elven city was to be found in the heart of the Adri. The Ur-Flannae tried to gain knowledge and power and brought war on the City of Summer Stars. Unknown magic destroyed the Ur-Flannae attackers and locked away the city from the mortal's world forever.

Circa -1.200 CY The green dragon Achtiporax settles in the Adri and subjugates the Flan tribes. The Flan start viewing him as a god. All throughout the Adri, temples are erected in his honour. The Dragon Cult is rumoured to conduct human sacrifices and other barbarous rituals.

Circa CY -175
Torquann and Naelax Princes lead the conquest of the "vile and decadent", dragon worshipping Flan Kingdoms in the upper reaches of the Flamni Basin between the Adri Forest and the Solnor Ocean.

CY -110
The Aerdy won victory over the Kingdom of Nehron, the last independent Oeridian kingdom. The battle is known as the "Battle of a Forthnight's Length". Sages still debate on the location of the battleground, but most believe that the battle was fought on the plains of Almor.

Circa CY 150
The first Rhennee appeared in the Adri. Little is known about this race, but most loremasters believe they are from another world.

Circa CY 200
Gnomes and Dwarves exploiting ores and minerals of the Flinty Hills founded a settlement and called it Nonisburg. Almor began to grow in power and independence.

CY 285
Overking Edron (House Rax-Nyrond) gave Prince Samoth of House Cranden land in the southern Flinty hills as personal fief. Main settlement was a town known as Minerstown. Most sages are quite sure that Nonisburg and Minerstown were all the same.

Circa CY 300
Gnomes were starting the construction of the first aqueduct to bring water from the Flinties into Minerstown.

CY 322
An eccentric wizard obsessed with personal hygiene built the first public bath and the gnomes finished work on the first aqueduct. Thus the foundations for the transition of the town into the most famous spa in all Aerdy were laid.

CY 344
Exchange of lands between House Cranden and House Garasteth. The countryside around Minerstown was now owned by House Garasteth. Prince Arkendor was chosen by families elders to reign over the new fief.

CY 356
After Nyrond split from the Great Kingdom, Minerstown became part of this newly formed kingdom.

CY 372
The lord of Knurl, the Wizard-King Firan Zal'honan - better known as Azal'Lan occupied most of the western Adri and southern fringes of the Flinty Hills. Though officially a subject to the Malachite Throne in Rauxes, no one dares to give him orders to stop his aggressive usurpations.

CY 383
Prince Jillanos II. renamed Minerstown into Innspa. Since the building of the first bath, more baths, mineral springs, a large public park, a saltern fed by the world-famous aqueduct and a lots of inns were installed, so a change of name was inevitable to attract more of the rich and famous from the Aerdy Empire.

CY 391
Shortly after he had overthrown the last resistance in Innspa, Azal'Lan vanished in the depth of the Adri-Forest leaving no trace of his whereabouts. His empire which covered most of northern Aerdi and Bone March as well as vast parts of the Adri crumbled to dust… Innspa became an independent city-state.

CY 392
The merchant Ermanus Serth was elected to become the first Lord Mayor of Innspa.

CY 402
Nannonshaven was founded by Prince Katanieus; he called it after his wife. The town was build to suit as a convenient harbour for all those wealthy guests travelling the Harp-River to Innspa.

CY 405
The growing danger of North Province invading and conquering Innspa made the city's council deciding to form an alliance with the semi-independent Prelacy of Almor. From this time on, every lord mayor would swear allegiance to the reigning prelate in Chathold. House Garasteth, though still owning most land in and around Innspa, seems to be deprived.

CY 434
On the order of Overking Nalif, a trading post was established on the banks of the rivers Harp, near the centre of the forest. It was called after the ford over which it watched: Elversford. From here all trade with foresters should be conducted. But soon after - during the time that was later known as "Turmoil between Crowns" - this outpost was forgotten by the administration in Rauxes.

CY 446-450 - Turmoil between Crowns
During the turmoil between crowns Overseer Tradoven of Elversford travelled to Rauxes after he hadn't received any orders from the administration there. Since most of the Rax government was disbanded and destroyed, he decided it was better for his health to run as fast and as far as possible. As Ivid I. finally took the throne, no-one in Rauxes knew of that small trading post in the Adri Forest.

CY 514
Adventurers from Almor were part of the race to find the location of the star which fell in the Abbor-Alz in CY 198, as announced by the dwarven sage, Jemrek Longsight.

CY 538
Otto, later to be of the Circle of Eight, was born in Almor.

CY 560-563
Barbarians who had invaded the Bone March some years ago were driven into the northern Adri by Humanoids invading the Bone March from the Rakers.

CY 577
Prince Corazell of House Garasteth, Owner and nominal ruler of Innspa married Baroness Karasin of House Atirr. It was the biggest social event in Innspa and Almor this year.

CY 578
At Woodford a coalition of the various forest factions fought a battle with an assaulting army of the Aerdy. Powerful magic was involved by both sides. The end of the day didn't see a party victorious, but the army of the Aerdy had to withdraw, and thus the Adri people thwarted the plan of the Overking in retaking Knurl and Almor.

CY 579
Several cases of corruption undermined confidence of the people in the administration of Innspa. Lord Mayor Jimenez Serth (descendant to Ermanus Serth) seems to be quite incompetent and incapable to solve the affairs.
Border conflicts between the Golden League (Nyrond, Ahlissa, and Iron League) began.

CY 580
Prince Corazell declared Innspa an independent city state. He set up a new Lord Mayor, who had to obey his direct orders. Most citizen welcome the government.
The prelate in Almor couldn't react to this affront, due to several dangers from inside and the outside of the state. Prelate Anarkin (Hierarch of Hieroneous in Chathold, elected from CY 577 to 581) feared an assault from the Great Kingdom for some time and thus couldn't spare any troops to answer Corazell. The people in the Adri Forest declared their loyalty to Almor and refuse to pay their tribute to Innspa's new leader.

CY 581
The hot summer of CY 581 saw a force of some three hundred men (soldiers, priests of Hextor, mages and sorcerers) entering the forest. They planned on burning down large areas of wood and driving the rebellious foresters out into open battle, but before they could start working on that plan, they were destroyed by powerful magic cast by an unknown being accompanied by an army of dire bears and wolves.
The Herzog of the South Province blunted the armies of the Golden League; Nyrond and Almor armies withdrew to the west of the river Harp.

CY 582-584 (Greyhawk Wars)
During the Greyhawk Wars in CY 583, an army of the Aerdy entered the forest near Edgefield to march on Innspa. As the news of Ossons raid through the southern provinces of the Great Kingdom reached this army, they changed course to hunt down Osson and his cavalry. They left large areas of the woods destroyed.
Though Prelate Kevont (Hierarch of Pholtus in Chathold, elected from CY 582 to 586) was prepared for an attack by the Great Kingdom, Almor was defeated by brutal within several days. Almor passed into history on what became known as the "Day of Dust." The troops of the Great Kingdom plundered and ravaged the whole before the carried on to Nyrond. But Nyrond was warned: making big efforts in the battle of Innspa (the battle site was in fact almost 60 miles away from the city) they finally crushed the offensive forces of the Great Kingdom, suffering so many losses, that Nyrond almost had to surrender itself.
While the chaos of war is burning all the surrounding landscapes around Innspa, the city remained a rather tranquil place. It's independence was vital to its ongoing existence. All participating parties ignored the city. But the war took one victim: Prince Corazell himself. His widow Karasin declared him a hero of war, despite the fact that he had died of a brain haemorrhage caused by large quantities of brandy. She further claimed the right to rule Innspa 'in a form of royal trust in his memory.' After the war, Innspa stood upright in a region that was almost totally destroyed. And thus even Innspa began to suffer: overcrowded by refugees from former Almor, Nyrond and the Harp Basin, cut off from almost all trade and surrounded by enemies, especially Duke Szeffrin in the south and humanoids from the Bone March in the north.

CY 585
Refugees from the Bandit Kingdom founded Sharpwall in the north-eastern part of the Adri. They allied with Prince Hastern of Edgefield.

CY 586
After Nyrond's invasion of former Almor, tensions between Nyrond and Innspa grew enormously. Nyrond conquered lands that Karasin claimed for herself but the lack of troops on her side prevented a war. Scarlet Brotherhood operatives dropped out of sight in Innspa when suspected of anti-government plots.
The South Province declared itself Kingdom of Ahlissa.

CY 587
After a secret conference held in Kalstrand in the month of Coldeven, the United Kingdom of Ahlissa was founded in Growfest. It claimed all the Adri, despite the fact that most of the woodland was under the control of other nations (Innspa and the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy). This marchland was administered from Kalstrand directly. In response, King Lynwerd of Nyrond declared the Nyrondian portion of Almor a protectorate of Nyrond, greatly angering the Kingdom of Ahlissa.

CY 588
Count Myrak of Cranden was put in charge by his family to regain control of Jennden again, that was lost due to the absence of his cousin Jerichsen since the war.

CY 589
The infamous Bandit Caleb terrorized the western Adri and southern Flinties with his men. It is said that he fled from a bounty hunter heading north.

CY 590
As Innspa entered the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, Karasin was granted the title Princess and gained the Harp Basin for the new Principality of Innspa. Although the Lords of Jennden and Ralsand (and the surrounding regions) hadn't paid their tithes for more than three years now, she was slowly extending her influence further south.
The capital of the Marchland of the Adri was moved from Kalstrand to Innspa.
Ahlissa and the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy finally run into each other due to their expansionist movements.

CY 591
After rumours that Northern Kingdom forces had been seen in the Marchland, Prince Molil finally entered the Adri with an army on the first Earthday of Wealsun, heading for Elversford. His vanguard troops, consisting mainly of humanoid forces, were crushed at Druid's Well by a quickly assembled force of foresters and adventurers. Also, tensions between Nyrond and Ahlissa began to mount.
Alreday in the winter of 590/591 CY, an expedition of six brave adventurers had returned from the Adri forest, claiming that they found an ancient temple dedicated to a dragon god. Until early summer, more expeditions set out, reporting more temples and bringing small golden statuettes with them. All temples found had been disbanded for ages. Scholars agreed that all of this small tempels are part of a greater system, with a few larger temples deeper into the forest. Some even believe that there is a connection to a certain gnomish tale "Gnomebeorn the Strong" that tells of evil humans worshipping a dragon in a big forest. It details 21 smaller temples in the outskirts of the forest, seven bigger ones forming a ring in the middle, and a large construction in the very centre of the forest. The book even details a fight between a gnomish paladin of Garl Glittergold and a dragon, after which both were slain.

CY 592
All year long more and more undead were reported in the southern Adri. A lot of people vanished from their homes until the origin of this evil was found at the end of the year. An Animus and former Knight-Protector started to build a fortress for his undead legions near the settlement Redwood. A large party of adventurers destroyed his plans and his fortress as well on the third Sunday of Patchwall.
By the end of the year, 18 dragon temples had been found, the rest of them being speculated to be on the grounds of the Northern Kingdom outside of the forested area and destroyed centuries ago.

CY 593
In Downslope, north of Innspa, sights of Hellhounds were reported, for the first time in several years. No one knows what the story behind all of this might be...
The bandit Caleb was said to be resurfacing in the southern foothills of the Flinty Hills. Officials claimed that these were mere rumours, because Caleb would never dare to operate so close to the city.
The Halfling Druid Tansy Treewee challenged Archdruidess Immonara to a Druid's Duel. It is scheduled for the summer of CY 595.
In Innspa, a small blue creature suddenly appeared, enforcing law and order in the poorer quarters of the city. People claimed it formed a reformed church of Pholtus. Officials in Wintershiven called that a blaphemous lie told by stupid heretics.
In the fall, some adventurers reported that they had found the Coldwood in the midst of the Adri and that it was guarded by elves that call themselves the Sentinels. Most people believed this to be just another fairy tale told by the usual braggarts.

CY 594
The opening of a modern gnomish bathhouse resulted almost in catastrophy as an accident almost claimed the lives of the premire guests. While most of the citizens of Innspa believe in the (usual) faultiness of gnomish technology, those in the know hold other theories. They speculate about an act of sabotage committed by an organization deemed driven from Innspa.
In the region of Hillspride in the south-western part of the Adri, freak weather patterns have been reported. Some scholars have lnked these to increased druidic activity in the region. There are also rumours that Oromandia Tempest, known as "The Weather Witch of the Adri," might be behind this, just as she has had a part in the destruction of a stretch of the gnomish aqueduct and the abduction of gnomish master builder, Kallra Bergom. However, the evil priest Nzevorikin, still on the loose with groups of adventurers on the trail of him and his dark cult, might also have been responsible.
For months, no more dragon statuettes had been brought into Innspa from explorers of ancient tombs in the Adri, and it seemed that all of the dragon temples had been found. Then, a single statue appeared in the shop of the merchant Olgros, only to immediately become the focus of some of Innspa's less savoury elements.
The Adri seems to be gearing up for the great Challenge of the Druidesses in the summer of 595 CY. Travellers bring tales of emissaries of both druidesses, vying for the minds of the people of the Adri in various villages. How such worldly dealings might fit in with ancient druidic rituals is anyone's guess.
A 'real' election also tookplace this year, on Godsday 1 of Reaping: in Elversford, incumbent mayor Hilman Obrut was reinstated in office right in the first ballot.
Towards the close of the year, a mysterious plague spread through Innspa, taking a particularly heavy toll on the poorer quarters. Rumour has it that a series of Church of Zilchus-sponsored taverns might be somehow linked to this, but the church has refused any comments.

CY 595
No sooner had the Great Plague of 594 CY been conquered that a Blackguard began causing strife in the poorer quarters of New Town. He burned down the small Pholtus shrine housing the Church of Indigo Light and the neighbouring orphanage. He then attacked the Pholtus temple, killing one of the priests in the process. It is said that the schism between the two strains of the faith of Pholtus was ended that day.
Fall saw the long-awaited duel of the two druidesses, Immonara and Tansy Treewee. However, it took a totally different course than expected by everybody. Witnesses tell of fell monsters that seemed to have disrupted the duel severely and killed Immonara. Nonetheless, Tansy Treewee was declared the New Archdruid of the Adri Forest and surrounding regions. Immonara is supposed to be reincarnated, but as far as anybody can tell, no steps have so far been taken towards this.
Finally, various parts of the Forest were once again subject to renewed attacks by undead, a menace thought vanquished three years ago. An old cairn - a long-lost place sacred to Nerull, or so it seems - was found and explored. Powerful undead have again threatened the southern aera of the Adri, ranging almost as far north as Elversford. A reason for this has yet to be determined.

CY 596
In the spring of this year, the Fharlanghn-Tempel in Nannonshaven burned down. An enraged mob on-site vocally blamed this on the Rhennee. Whether this is actually true is hard to say, but the fact remains that the Rhennee had returned to Nannonshaven for the first time in years at just this time, but disappeared from sight in the night the temple burned.
Tales coming from the forest speak of the defeat of a group of Vecna cultists who had been kidnapping people from Twin Oaks, secretly taking them to the Goldchasm. Slaver traders from Sharpwall also seem to have been involved in this. However, a thunderhead that seems fixed in place above the town indicates that they seem to angered somebody powerful.
Count Myrak managed to reactivate the long-abandoned trade route up the Harp. Thus he managed to bypass the trade route running from Ralsand to Innspa, which for years had been blocked by Valeran and the Merchants' Guild. To facilitate this, Myrak's relatives in Rel Deven constructed a landing stage south of the River Lyra, sending vital trade goods up the Harp. Graulem of Atirr rejoiced in this new source of customs revenue and even Karasin was pleased - for Count Myrak was suddenly paying his dues for the first time in years. Prince Valeran, on the other hand, threw a fit and tried, in vain, to sabotage the new trade route.
Towards the end of the year, adventurers discovered more Dragon Temples associated with the Dragon Cult and obviously related the the ring of temples unearthed five years ago. These new Temples turned out to form an "inner" ring of six Temples. There were also hints pointing towards a seventh Temple, which, however, could not be found.

597 CY
Stories coming in from the Adri tell of an ancient elven settlement being discovered by adventurers,re-dedicating a temple of Hanalil Celanil in the process.
In time for the Midsummer festivities, Princess Karasin opens up a public park on the outskirts of the city of Innspa. Many sponsors have supported this project, providing some of the most exotic plants Innspa has ever seen. Politically, though, Karasin's posiion is becoming more and more untenable: in autunm, evidence begins to turn up that she is harbouring dark plans and that the poorer citizens of the New City are somehow involved in these schemes. While there is no definite proof, rumours abound concerning secret prisons and necromantic experiments.
On other fronts, the solution to the riddle of the members of the mysterious cult of followers of both Nerull and Incabulos presents itself: They are descendants of the once-powerful Dragon Cult that held sway over the Adri in the distant past. Now they are making their move to re-establish their position. It was they who attacked Immonara during the Druid's Duel. Since they also represented a force of nature, the druidic referees tolerated their intercession. Now these dark druids are taking steps to revive the Dragon Cult. And while a group of brave adventurers barely manages to find and cleanse the Seventh Temple of the inner dragon-temple ring in time, enough cultists escape for the Dragon Cult to remain a viable threat - especially since there are indications that some of them might have managed to gain entry into the Inner Sanctum, where the ancient dragon god is supposed to sleep yet.

598 CY
The situation in Innspa continues to escalate. In the spring, freshly hatched dragon-like creatures create chaos in the city. Without the actions of brave members of the city watch (and some adventurers), there might well have been a bloodbath near the New City's Vedaris Square. Princess Karasin blames the eggs being carried into Innspa from the deserts of the Far West on nefarious smugglers and the merchant Olgros.
Rumour on the streets has it that a close relative of Princess Karasin's has defected to the rebels. There is also talk about negotiations between Prince Valeran of Ralsand and Ex-Prelate Anarkin, rumoured to be in hiding somewhere in Innspa, sowing the seeds for a rebirth of the Prelacy of Almor.
Crime continues to increase. It seems that the terorists have manage to incite even decent citizens of Innspa to violent deeds. However, Karasin's forces are taking drastic measures. The infamous criminal Hanno Böckling is publicly executed in early summer, and there are many other death sentences. It is rare indeed that punishments take less extreme forms: forced labour or incarceration. But even these draconic measures are no longer enough to make the average citizen feel secure.
When the city's treasurer, Graulem of Atirr, literally starts throwing money to the public in late summer (due to being under a curse, but nobody knows this), the situation comes to a head. Even with Graulem temporarily removed from his post, opinion on the streets finally turns against Karasin, clamouring for her removal and a new government.
Only a few days before the final act of Princess Karasin's reign, her soldiers manage to strike a devastating blow against the rebels. Due to treachery, almost all members of the Almor Freedom Fighters are captured or killed. It turns out that the group was operating out of the Red Boar Inn at Elversford.
More than 30 person are captured, among them Ernjulf Ebroer, the leader of the Freedom Fighters only known as "Father Freedom". All prisoners are subjected to severe torture, allowing Karasin and her forces to learn the hiding places of most of the still unaccounted-for members of the group, capturing many of them. And yet, it is too late: The spark provided by the Freedom Fighters finally turns into the explosion that starts the revolution in Innspa. Within only a few days, Prelate Anarkin is able to proclaim the Prelacy of Innspa after Karasin's death at the hands of some of Innspa's greatest heroes in a climactic battle in her own throne room. Anarkin has managed to gain the support of Prince Valeran of House Garasteth, who becomes Karasin's nominal successor as ruler of the Principality of Innspa. Overking Xavener I recognizes this arrangement, albeit grudgingly - his reasoning being that Kalstrand might now finally be receiving the tithes that have been overdue for nine years.
Next to this major development, events going on in the Adri that might have been not less important had things turned out differently take a back seat in the public's perception: Adventurers manage to prevent the return to the Oerth of Achtiporax, the dragon venerated as a god hundreds of years ago by the Flan of the region. Rumour also has it that the Heart of the Adri, the source of the forest's vitality, has returned to the Oerth, finally stopping the slow but steady dwindling of the Adri that had been going on for the last one thousand years.

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